East Coast

- Alfresco on Elston Italian Restaurant

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Surfers Paradise Blvd, NSW


Alfresco has been welcoming guests from all over the world for over 30 years. It’s where the Gold Coast meets the Amalfi Coast. Our love for hospitality, food & good times is reflected through our menu & service. We want you to feel like you have just been on a little trip to Italy! From dining out under the stars in the piazza, sitting around our classic Italian bar or being inside our dining room, we have many seating options! Our passion is ensuring you leave with a full belly and a soul filled with love and happiness. Ciao! In 1980 the Velardo family immigrated to Australia after their town was impacted by a devastating earthquake. In 1985 they began their new adventure in hospitality. Over 30 years the Alfresco journey continues. Our pizza dough has been a continuous art of perfection as we combine traditional methods with the finest ingredients. They are cooked to perfection in our imported Moretti Forni pizza oven. Our homemade sauces are made from scratch using the best quality sourced ingredients from both home and Italy. We are famous for our Napoli sauce which is made from tomatoes grown in the volcanic region near Mt Vesuvius, Napoli.

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