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- Rap Jumping at Melbourne City Jump

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334 City Road
Southbank, VIC


Have you ever wanted to jump off a tall building… and then walk away to tell the tale? Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to just walk down the side of a building without a care in the world? Perhaps you’re simply a thrill-seeker, looking for something to do in downtown Melbourne that will get your adrenaline up to peak levels as you show gravity that you’re the boss. In that case, come Rap Jumping with us on a seven-story race to the bottom of our location. Combining the sheer abandon of a bungee jump with the control of forward abseiling, this is a fun, adrenaline-packed day where you’re going to repeat the experience three times! With a 100% safety record in the past three decades, our expert instructors are here to help you abseil of a building with complete confidence, enjoying a technique developed by none other than the Australian SAS. We give you complete control over your walk: Zoom straight down, stop to take in the unique view, or  you can simply relax and enjoy the heart-pumping thrill of “walking on the air” as two safety personnel monitor you at all times with secondary controls to ensure that nothing is left to chance. Instructors are carefully selected for ability, thoroughly trained and will personally instruct you on every jump. You are in total control of your speed of descent, but there is also a brake person as a double safety measure. Our abseiling courses are available for everyone, from beginners through to experienced thrill seekers. We offer an Introduction to Abseil course for those with little to no experience, teaching the basic skills and procedures of traditional abseiling. Those who want a more advanced experience will enjoy our Rap Jumping course. Conducted by our extremely experienced and qualified instructors, we ensure that safety is our first priority. Our instructors are dedicated to giving you the best experience!


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